NIVA Company is one of the leading manufacturers of gauze and cotton wool medical supplies in Southeast Europe.

NIVA Company is proud of the tradition and quality of its cosmetic products made of cotton wool such as famous Zig-zag cotton wool. We also offer sanitary napkins for women in postpartum period and cosmetic pads.

Cik Cak vata


hydrophilic cotton wool

Zig-zag hydrophilic cotton wool is made of bleached cotton in packs of 50g, 100g and 200g. It is used for medical and commercial consumption.

It is stacked in zig-zag shape and then packed in cardboard boxes.

Postpartum sanitary pads NIVA EXTRA

sanitary pads made of cotton wool

Sanitary pads are made of cotton wool – bleached cotton wrapped in meshed fabric. Fabric is made of cellulose fibers.

Pads are hydrophilic and intended for external use during menstrual and postpartum period. They are available in 10-piece bags packed in cardboard boxes.

Niva vata
Niva kozmetički jastučići

Niva cosmetic pads

Cosmetic pads are made of 100% cotton and used for cosmetic purposes like makeup removal and skin cleansing.

They are available in 70 or 100-piece bags packed in cardboard boxes.